Guest Review Responses for Over 140 Review Sites Globally


We respond and post on over 140 guest review websites.


You review, edit and approve every response.

24–48-hour guest review response turn-around time.
100% brand compliance won’t affect your quality scores.
Sentiment analysis reporting always included.
Affordable pricing commensurate with volume.

Respond to All Reviews

We respond to all guest reviews posted for your hotel.

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor your reviews 24/7 and respond 7 days a week.

You Approve Before We Post

You receive daily approval opportunities before we post.

Your Voice, Every Response

We find your voice and always respond in your unique voice.

Adhere to Brand Standards

All our review responses are in compliance with brand standards.

CoMMingle PULSE Alerts

Real-time alerts are sent to your staff for crisis situations.

Removal of Negative Reviews

We petition review sites to remove reviews that don’t meet website guidelines.

90 Day Guarantee

If our service doesn’t meet your needs simply cancel in 90 days.

We also respond to all your hotel’s foreign language guest reviews.

Over 45 languages served!

Guest Review Responses



Management Companies

Brands Represented

Industry Awards Won

Trusted By The Brands You Know For Over 20 Years

Since 2001 we’ve been providing guest review response services to branded properties representing major hotel brands such as Marriott, IHG, Hilton, Hyatt, Best Western and more. We adhere to all brand standards to ensure your property is always within brand compliance.

Deep Semantic Guest Review Reporting

Through our Semantic Analysis Reporting, you can discover what is driving your guest review ratings and what you can do to increase guest satisfaction.


Which websites do you monitor and respond to?

In addition to responding to the major review sites like TripAdvisor, Booking, Expedia, Hotels, Orbitz, and Travelocity, we also monitor and respond to over 100 other sites globally.

We also monitor and respond to guest reviews found on Facebook, Google, and Yelp as well as major hotel brand review websites.

What is the turn-around time to receive your guest review response for my approval?

Our technology continually pulls in your guest reviews 24/7. Our team immediately gets to work and starts writing a suggested guest review response for your approval. You can expect most guest reviews to be published within 24 hours.

Who will be working on responses for my guest reviews?

All our hotel guest review responses are written in-house by our US based team members. Unlike our competitors, we do not outsource to lower cost countries.

How do you ensure you’re responding in my hotel’s voice and tone?

Every new CoMMingle customer will experience our white-glove onboarding process where the hotel’s voice and tone will be discussed and documented. You can rest assured that each guest review response we write will communicate in a manner consistent with your voice and tone.

Do you use copy and paste responses?

Sorry to disappoint, but no. Every hotel guest review response we write is hand-crafted and personalized. We don’t use AI driven/robotic responses or templates like some competitors do. Every response we write is unique.

How much does your guest review response service cost?

Pricing is determined by the number of reviews your hotel receives on a regular basis, so costs vary from one property to the next. All our pricing is commensurate with the volume of guest reviews. Be sure to check our PRICING page for more details.