Affordable Social Media Photography

Visual Storytelling

Visual story telling is at the core of every brand and, when done right, it can emotionally connect your customers to your hotel. Social media story telling through exciting and enticing photography sets expectations and presents opportunities to communicate the uniqueness of your property.

Our on-site photography services enhances your social media posts and provides visual content to support your storytelling.

Total Production Coordination

We handle all pre-planning direction, identify on-site photography locations/venues, setup requirements, hotel staff requirements and work schedules.

On-Site Digital Photography

We start early and end late, ensuring we capture day and evening vibes of your property. And we’ll be practically invisible to your guests and staff, never getting in the way.

Post-Production Editing

After every photo shoot we edit images to ensure we capture the maximum potential of every picture.

Affordable Solution

We employ our own in-house photographers and don’t outsource to third parties. This way we can guarantee the best results in an affordable manner.